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Foamy Bath Bombs

Image of Foamy Bath Bombs

Nothing warms our bodies in this frigid cold wintry season like a hot bath. A hot bath is great after a long stressful day and when you just need some Me Time.

These bath bombs are made with creamy milk powders, cocoa butter or shea butter or other skin loving oils PLUS many other skin loving ingredients.

Our products are always handmade, cruelty free, SLS free and palm oil free. Each bath bomb weighs about 100 grams/3.5 oz and is scented wonderfully to make you relaxed and happy during your "Me Time". We can custom the bath bombs for you in any scent you want if you order a minimum of 6.

If you order 3 bath bombs, we can pack them in a gift box for easy gifting - take a look at the fourth photo on this listing. You can mix and match the scents available to make a box of 3. Simply add the Gift Box Option!